So, I’ve done a couple of these types of lists before. And they’ve proven popular, so I’ve decided to do another, this time aimed at new shooters, beginner preppers, and would-be gun collectors who want to get into the game, without spending major bucks on weapons and equipment. So here are my top three budget military surplus rifles!


K31 — Standing for “Karabiner Model 1931” this rifle is known primarily for its accuracy and workmanship (today, such quality could easily reach the thousands in price, and targets with inch-close groupings are not uncommon in reviews of this weapon. However, often not mentioned is the K31’s great trigger pull.

Mosin-Nagant — Of course, when we’re doing a list of budget milsurp, the Mosin is bound to come up. It’s inexpensive, numerous, and and extremely popular. However, with such a broad selection of individual rifles, care should be taken by beginners to make sure they’re getting a working and reliable firearm.

SKS — Often called the “poor man’s AK” these semi-auto rifles featureĀ  20-22 inch barrels and hungry ten round magazines that are fun to shoot. Even better, 7.62×39 ammo for the SKS is relatively cheap, allowing you to practice and/or plink without worrying for your wallet.

So make sure you stop into the shop, and have a look around. With our range of nearly 400 weapons and accessories in stock, the right gun for your budget is waiting here for you.

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