Unlike its later counterpart, the First World War hasn’t inspired a large number of titles in movies and video games. From Saving Private Ryan to Downfall, World War II has been the subject of some significant media that have become iconic around the world. Imagine, then, that a popular video game maker chose World War I as the stage for its latest video game, which will take the protagonist throughout all theatres of the war equipped in the firearms of the time.

The Thompson Submachine gun and M1 Garand are iconic rifles in America and most gun owners can easily tell you which war their fame was earned in. Can you name some of the most iconic firearms from the First World War though? Don’t feel bad – not many can. And that’s why we compiled this list:

Bergmann MP18

What looks like a cross between the Russian PPSH and a British Stirling, the MP18 was one of the world’s earliest submachine guns chambered in 9x19mm. This design would be repeated in the next World War as shown in the submachine guns I mentioned earlier.

Mondragon Model 1908

Made by the Mexican army at the turn of the century, the Mondragon rifle was one of the first semi-automatic battle rifles ever used. Its clever design was truly ahead of its time and fired the powerful 7x57mm cartridge. This rifle is definitely a collector’s piece and was used in several other historical events including the assasination of Pancho Villa.

Beretta 1918

Beretta has been around for over 550 years, so it’s no surprise that one of their weapons was used during one of the largest wars in history. This submachine gun/rifle hybrid featured a detachable magazine that was also ahead of its time, using the simple force of gravity to feed rounds into the chamber. The Beretta 1918 proved to be a formidable weapon boasting an impressive 25 round capacity of 9mm Glisenti, a lower-pressure version of the 9mm intended for use in blowback firing mechanisms.

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