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The term “Unicorn Gun” is reserved for those firearms that are so hard to find and sought after that you’ll probably only see them once every 100 gun shows. Their scarcity is most likely due to being out of production or for historical value, but every now and again you can find one if you’re willing to pay a premium. These 3¬†guns are so rare and weird that you may probably never see them in person.

The Graham Turret Rifle

1465361517555sThe only known example of the Edmund H. Graham pattent of September 16, 1856. It’s a horizontal revolving turret gun using a large five-shot cylinder, each separated by 72 degrees of rotation. Now in the NRA museum, estate sales are your only hope to find one like it.

2mm Kolibri


If you’ve ever seen the first Men in Black, I’m sure you remember the Noisy Cricket, an extremely small pistol that packed a huge punch. Well, this is its real-life counterpart, without the exaggerated stopping power. The Kolibri fires a 2.7x9mm cartridge out of a 0.5″ barrel (that’s right, a half-an-inch long barrel).

German Luger RIFLE


The one rifle whose Unicorn status makes me the most depressed is the German Luger Rifle. Take everything that made the Luger pistol famous and put it in a rifle platform that matches the aesthetics of the K98k and you’re set. This is one of the earliest self-loading rifles made and fires the 8mm round that Nazi Germany would continue to use throughout World War II.

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