So, after clarifying some statements about the recent political outcry about open carry, Target, and anti-gunner groups like Moms Demand Action, I’ll give an opinion followed by some tips. If you want to openly carry your shiny new AR-15 at any department stores (or grocery store, or shopping mall, or–), for no other reason than because you can, don’t.

I believe that, yes, there are times and places for open carry. However, I also believe that our community of pro-Second Amendment supporters would be better served in most aspects of daily life by concealed carry, if you feel the need to have a firearm at your side everyday at all. And for various reasons, many of us do.

1) The first is to know where and when you can and can’t carry. Once you’re sure of your rights, and have a comfortable understanding of your local laws, it will go a long way in giving you the confidence boost you need to…

2) Stop continually touching and adjusting the weapon. Make sure you’re firearm is concealed before you go out, and then stop messing with it. Despite what that nervous voice in your mind might be telling you, no one is going to know you’re carrying, unless you yourself draw attention to the fact. This is easier if you…

3) Make sure you get the proper accessories you need to go concealed. Like I’ve said about the guns themselves for everyday carry, stop into a shop such as ours and ask the sales associates about which belts and holsters they’d suggest for your personal needs.

4) And lastly, practice! Just as knowing your rights can go a long way, knowing your own capabilities can also give you a lot of peace of mind, and prevent disasters. Know how to use the firearm before you start relying on it to save your life, or the lives of your loved ones. Go to the range, make sure you’re well adjusted to drawing your weapon from your side dressed in your normal everyday clothing.

One day, it might count.

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