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By now, every gun owner knows that when a creative product in the firearms industry is released, the ATF has already considered it dangerous and there’s a good chance it’ll be banned somewhere down the line. I mean, in the last year we’ve already lost the ability to shoulder pistol braces. Doing so could potentially earn you 10 years in prison, further highlighting the absolutely crazy regulations created by the ATF.

You may be wondering, “what has been banned now?” No, it’s not any kind of stock, sight, or trigger group. It’s a soda can launcher. This thing is made for good, clean fun – it can’t launch grenades, explosive devices, or anything other than something with the exact dimensions of a soda can. But still, the ATF decides that this upper receiver with a non-rifled soda can barrel becomes an SBR (short barreled rifle) when attached to a regular AR-15 lower receiver.

I just don’t get it. You can check out the ATF determination letter here for more information:

It’s good to keep up on the actions taken by the ATF to further strip you of your 2nd amendment rights because, after all, slings may be the next thing requiring a tax stamp.

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