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We’re not shocked to learn that California’s legislature just pushed through a number of outrageous bills designed to eradicate any semblance of the right to bear arms the state had left. If there’s any lesson to be learned from California, it’s that elected officials are not above banning anything that the left doesn’t understand.

The suite of bills, known as “gunpocalypse”, have just swept through the assembly floor. Each of these proposed laws seeks to circumvent the God given right to bear arms in the most unorthodox way possible.

The following bills passed in California’s senate floor:

AB1673 – Makes it a crime to possess unserialized firearm PARTS. The bill was written by a former California police officer and current Assembly member. This effectively makes it illegal to own things like 80% lowers.

AB1674 – Limits the amount of firearms a person can purchase to one every month.

AB2607 – Allows for people like supervisors, professors, colleagues or doctors to report any kind of change in mood which would prevent you from purchasing a gun.

AB1664 – Bans all firearms manufactured with a Bullet Button. Prior to the Bullet Button invention, semiautomatic rifles with a detachable “large capacity” were not allowed, so this was a workable compromise until just recently.

These bills are just a taste of what could be enacted at the federal level in the coming years. They’re currently headed to the California Senate where most will likely pass into law. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make your voice heard and vote in the upcoming presidential election and write your local elected officials to ensure they will go the extra mile to protect your constitutional rights.


Will Suppressors be Removed from the NFA?

Suppressors (silencers) have a number of advantages to all kinds of shooters, the main one being hearing protection. While suppressors don’t completely eliminate a firearm’s report, they do quiet it down to a more manageable level – usually around 30 decibles lower than usual. Now, a Republican representative wants to extend this benefit to all legal firearm owners and make them much more accessible, but this will be an uphill battle for him. Suppressors and similar firearm attachments are often cited by gun control advocates as “assault features”, which help them spread fear about things that aren’t any more dangerous. In fact, there are no significant reports of suppressors being used in crimes.

Removing suppressors from the NFA means a few things – first, no special application process will be necessary. Passing a simple background check as you would normally do for a firearm would ensure that you are able to own one legally. Second, you won’t have to pay the $200 tax stamp. This allows you to stock up on much more ammo. And third, suppressors may be transferred between owners much more easily if they were not registered to one particular person via ATF form 4.

For more info, check out this article:

Never Forget: RIP SIG Brace

Gone are the days of the arm braces, a seemingly cheap alternative to a very complicated issue of SBR registration. If you weren’t lucky enough to own one, the story goes like this: SIG and other companies design an arm brace that attaches to the buffer tube/rear trunnion of rifle caliber pistols. These arm braces are designed in such a way that allows for comfortable and accurate firing from the shoulder. It was kind of an unwritten benefit – but unfortunately, firearm owners sent hundreds of letters to the ATF to confirm and, as a result, the ATF issued a final ruling that ruined the fun for everyone.

Check out this video for a quick summary of the ATF’s ruling on the SIG brace and a cool review of the CZ Bren 805 PS1:¬†

From Argentina with Love: Ballester-Molina

From 1929 to 1947, Argentina’s military and police carried one side arm derived from one of the most famous handgun platforms ever created. If you’re thinking it’s a Bersa, think again; this design was created by none other than John Moses Browning.

The Ballester-Molina is a single-action .45 ACP caliber handgun. It also bears close resemblance to the Colt 1911 – and was eventually replaced by an exact clone of the 1911, the Colt Systema. While the Ballester-Molina is close to a 1:1 copy of the 1911, it lacks one major feature of the Colt: a grip safety. Other differences include:

a) The hammer strut on the HAFDASA pistol is much shorter than that of the M1911A1.
b) The firing pin stop on the HAFDASA pistol is not recessed on the side as it is on the M1911A1.
c) The safety lock on the HAFDASA pistol is redesigned with a larger diameter pin, and it can be applied with the hammer cocked or fully down.
d) The mainspring housing on the HAFDASA pistol is an integeral part of the frame.
e) The HAFDASA pistol has a pivoting trigger with a single extension along the right side that cams the side mounted disconnector and engages the sear.
f) The magazine catch on the HAFDASA pistol is assembled differently.
g) The HAFDASA pistol has no slide stop disassembly notch.

These pistols were generally considered to be well made and reliable. They may be difficult to find but can be had for roughly $350.

The Chernobyl of Guns: Remington R51

When you think of Remington, the image of your grandpa’s old 870 Wingmaster or 700 might pop into your head – and that’s because the company has stuck to what it has done best for the last 50 years. However, every company, no matter what industry they’re in, must keep up with the market, and in 2011, the US firearms market wanted nothing more than the best single stack 9mm possible.

To accomplish this, Remington looked to one of its old models, the Remington Model 51. Its Pedersen hesitation action meant that the new R51 would benefit from lighter parts, smaller profile and best-in-class recoil. In its own right, the R51 looked beautiful and on paper, should have dominated the single stack 9mm class, knocking the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield off of its throne.

Since its announcement to the world at SHOT Show 2011, firearm enthusiasts everywhere spared no expense to secure their Remington R51. Just like all anticipated firearms, there was no gun show line too long or no price too high to pay for a 9mm carry gun that would change the game completely.

The game did change. It ended. Once the first wave of R51s saw their first taste of range time, it was clear to everyone that this pistol had major issues – super tight tolerances, failures to fire/feed, and, of course, a habit to fire out of battery. Yep, there were several cases that surfaced mere months after the release of the R51 of out-of-battery discharges that could have potentially turned the beautiful handgun into a grenade.

Remington quickly ceased production of the R51, and now it’s akin to a unicorn that no one wants. However, Remington did offer a recall to those who purchased it. With its new factory in Alabama, Remington will be looking to give the R51 a new shot later this year.

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