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Government Retirement: FBI Seeks New Pistol

The government has never been good with money, and now they’re looking to spend more of it. Specifically, they’re looking to fill a contract for all of their handgun needs: compact, full-size, simulation and inert. The ABC agencies have been known to stick to the tried and true Glock/SIG P226 platforms, but their newest RFP contains some interesting criteria that limit its options to very few pistols – including one that meets and exceeds the FBI’s needs:

Pistols shall be chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge and must be capable of firing 9mm Luger ammunition which is in compliance with the specifications as outlined by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI)

Class I Compact Pistol: One (1) Class I Pistol with a barrel length of no less than 3.75” and no greater than 4.25”, minimum magazine capacity of 14 rounds, night sights

Class II Full Size Pistol: One (1) Class II Pistol with a barrel length of no less than 4.26” and no greater than 5.20” , minimum magazine capacity of 16 rounds, night sights, six (6) magazines

The magazine catch shall be activated by depressing the catch with a lateral movement by the shooter’s thumb/finger.

Finger grooves on the frame are not permitted

Frames which allow for different hand sizes are required. Regardless of how each Contractor accommodates different hand sizes they must be able to support at least 3 sizes commonly referred to as small, medium and large. Must be accomplished with either different grip frames or grip inserts.

The edges at the entrance of the magazine well shall be beveled in order to
aid in the ease of reloading on both Class I & II pistols

No magazine disconnect, manual safety, grip safety

Striker fired only

Class I & Class II pistols (frame & slide)shall be available, as an option, in a tan color similar to Flat Dark Earth and a green color similar to Ranger Green

Any firearms manufacturer would sell their grandmother for a chance to contract one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the US, and by extension in the world. While one can imagine that Glock, S&W and H&K are scrambling to find a variation of their signature pistols that meet these requirements, there is one recently released pistol that meets these, and more.

The Sig Sauer P320.

New Carry Ammo: Ruger ARX

Gone are the days when Winchester Rangers and Hornady Critical Defenses were the default choice of ammunition in self-defense and concealed carry guns. Although the firearm industry sees new innovations during each year’s SHOT Show, very little has changed about jacketed hollow-point rounds as we know it. I know what you’re thinking: what about the recently released G2 RIP rounds? We won’t go there – that is a fad that quickly died out.

Ruger is a trusted name in firearms and is one of the few quality all-American manufacturers left. Known for their high quality affordable firearms, Ruger has also recently thrown its weight behind a new innovation in personal defense ammunition with its new ARX Ammunition.

The ARX ammunition promises great stopping power, high velocity and the ability to penetrate through thick layers of clothing from a bullet that is made of both copper and plastic. Yes, you read that right – plastic. While the ARX is not yet proven in self defense scenarios, one can imagine the advantage that the lightweight plastic rounds would have in handguns with double-stack magazines.

Among the qualities of Ruger’s new ammunition is the ability to “penetrate many barriers without deformation, and penetrate through clothing without clogging and degrading terminal performance. It offers maximum force to target and fast, repeated target acquisition.”

Currently available in .45 and .380 ACP, these new rounds are sure to capture the eye of many firearm owners who carry daily.

Israeli’s Own CZ-75 Frankenstein

CZ-75s have always been a popular choice for the discerning shooter looking for a more accuracy than what is offered in the typical carry gun. Stylish as they are functional, the slide-in-frame construction is what made these beautiful pistols and provides them with incredible accuracy even in the hands of a novice shooter. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a premium for such quality – CZ pistols usually start at around $500 and go up from there.

Unless, you want a special kind of CZ-75. Like, the BUL Storm 9mm. has a batch of these obvious Israeli CZ-75 clones that sport some interesting upgrades – particularly the Novak sights and thicker rubber grips. At $319 before shipping and any applicable taxes, it’s a hell of a deal, not to mention our $10 internet transfer fee.

If you’re looking to build up your collection with some tried and true military surplus firearms, you can always keep an eye out for something made in Israel. Since it became a country more than 60 years ago, Israel has relied on weapons manufactured in other countries to defend itself – ironically, they even used the K98 after rechambering it to .308, a NATO round, and peening off any evidence of Nazi markings.

Florida’s Open Carry Bill At-A-Glance

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the legality of Open Carry in Florida – the ability to carry a firearm openly in a safe and non-aggressive manner. Although this piece of legislation is still a bill and not law, there is a lot of confusion around what the bill means for Florida residents who may want to exercise their Second Amendment rights by lawfully carrying their firearm in the open (in a holster) should this become law. Here are some straight facts regarding the Open Carry Bill (HB 0163), but keep in mind that this is an interpretation based on the current language in the bill (subject to change) and that we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice:

  • Valid FL CWP holders can openly carry firearms and weapons on their person.
  • Carrying a firearm open or concealed without a valid CWP will get you arrested.
  • Residents without a CWP can still carry self-defense chemical sprays (mace) and non-lethal tasers.
  • Your open carry rights cannot be infringed unless there is possible cause to believe you’re committing a crime.

That’s all so far – the bill is heading to the senate and there’s no word yet on whether or not we’ll see an open carry law in Florida within the year. Remember that this is not a law yet, so please don’t open carry just yet.

Name that Gun Challenge: Spy 2015

Becoming a gun enthusiast makes you develop some pretty interesting habits. One of them is being able to identify guns in TV shows, movies, and video games by their manufacturer, model and caliber at the blink of an eye. It’s almost a sport for gun owners – taking note of which guns appear in movies and TV shows and whether or not they’re being used properly. While this may be enough to annoy anyone watching a movie with you, it also provides an added level of depth to the movie for gun enthusiasts – if the firearms you know and love are not being handled or described by a character incorrectly, you know that the production value isn’t up to par.

Spy movies are famous for tons of obscure guns. Since the days of James Bond, the Walther PPK is almost automatically identifiable and even people who don’t own guns could probably tell you what gun 007 carries around in that sharp tuxedo. One of the latest spy movies to hit theaters, Spy 2015, features a gratuitous amount of gun play, and one of the scenes in the movie captures a gun that may present a challenge for even the most season gun-spotters. Take a look at the movie stills below:

1GcefgT Q9rQku2 uXYbVoR

Can you identify the gun in this scene of Spy 2015? It’ll certainly take a keen eagle’s eye to identify it. And no, it’s not a CZ.

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