can cannon

Usually, I write about second amendment politics, and upcoming or well loved firearms. But it’s almost the weekend, so today I’m going to be talking about something a little different, and a little less serious.

It’s called the Can Cannon, by a company called X Products, and is…pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This dubious device, which uses an AR upper, will allow you to shoot soda or beer cans up to 100 yards away.

“Why would you launch a soda can, because it’s fun, plus it’s an incredibly fast and fun decoy to shoot at,” explains X Products, answering the first question that was likely on everyone’s minds, including my own. “Every demonstration leads to more smiles and laughs than any product we’ve ever introduced. Expect upon BATFE approval (due in 3 weeks) a variety of parts and accessories, from net launchers, to decoy dog training devices.”

Preorder deposits are being taken, and they have recently created a web page featuring this amusing contraption on their site. You can take a look at it here, as well as watch a YouTube clip of it in action. Nice shot, guys.

By far my favorite observation on this device, however, was from one user on the firearm blog. “So they’re going to be selling […] a […] Beer Launcher? This could be truly epic. Set it off with a lit cigar and it’s ATF all in one package!”

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