These days, WWII surplus firearms are beginning to become more rare; when you do find them, it’s  always a treat to see a 70+ year old gun. Sometimes the experience can be frightening, depending on the condition the firearm is in. Either way, there’s something breathtaking and beautiful about holding an Inland M1 carbine, an old US Property 1911, or that beautiful and majestic M1 Garand.

We’ve all heard the stories and if you’re old enough, you’ve seen first hand how cheap these rifles were in the 50s-70s. From what I hear, you could buy an M1 carbine for roughly $100 from a store called Woolworth’s.

Well, now the value of these weapons are skyrocketing, and they’re still very rare. If you want to obtain one, your best chances are to comb through gunbroker until you find one at a reasonable price.

Or, you could join the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

The program has thousands of refurbished M1 Garands, among other WWII surplus arms. As long as you meet the requirements, you can own one of these rifles for as little as $600.

For more information on how to secure one of these rifles at a great price, check out CMP’s website at

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