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After its announcement at the last SHOT Show — already nearly a year ago — we haven’t heard a single word about Walther’s planned PPQ M2 Competition pistol. In fact, we were starting to suspect, because of the silence, that development had been cancelled, or at least was going to be withheld for quite a while to come. However, Walther fans, the wait is nearly over, and the company has announced that availability of this new PPQ is just around the corner.

This shooting sport-designed pistol is a modified version of their PPQ and features a 5 inch barrel, extended from the standard version, as well as an extended sight radius to improve accuracy. Yet despite its larger muzzle, the weight is the same as the standard PPQ, because of its lightened slides, both details of which will make it easier to use soft loads, and improve the muzzle control on the firearm.

Straight from the factory, it will come with a 15 round mag, though extended 17 round magazines are also in production for 9mm, but not .40 S&W, ammunition. Keep in mind, though, that is will be completely compatible with the rest of the PPQ guns, and will be able to use their under barrel accessories.

It’s set to have a factory cost of $749, but in the real world will likely come down to around $600 or less.

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